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"A DIY Superannuation Fund, SMSF or Self Managed Superannuation Fund is a taxation structure which allows the members (maximum of 4) to control the decisions of their superannuation investments while still being entitled to the concessional taxation benefits enjoyed by the large industry, wholesale and retail superannuation funds. They are often referred to as DIY funds or SMSF's, however, the complexity of the taxation and compliance legislation applying to these funds usually necessitates the administration of these funds to be done by professionally qualified SMSF specialists. Administration includes assistance with investment decisions with respect to taxation consequences and compliance issues and the preparation of the fund's annual accounts which are required to be independently audited each year.

DIY Super Specialists' business is to attend to the administrative and compliance requirements of Self Managed Superannuation Funds.

It is usually difficult and expensive for accountants and other professionals in general practice to maintain up-to-date staff, training and specialist software to adequately respond to the superannuation requirements of their clients when this only accounts for a small fraction of their overall business.

Independence makes it almost impossible for a small firm in general practice to be able to look after the administrative requirements of their clients' superannuation and to also provide audit services.

We can assist accountants and other professionals in general practice by attending to their clients' SMSF needs, preparing their annual accounts and organising for an independent audit to be done."

    Laurie Porter CPA, SSA
    SMSF Specialist Advisor

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