DIY System Support are very please to have been featured in the 2021-2022 Freshcare Annual Review.

The Freshcare Annual Review is an annual publication which provides the fresh produce sector with information about Freshcare and its accountable activities to the industry.

The article on DIY Systems Support (page 13) includes DIY Systems Support us as a Freshcare Supporter specialising in Training and Auditing Services.

DIY Systems Support has a clear role to play in the future directions of Freshcare and supports innovation that is required to change the way that certification is managed, particularly how growers interact with audits and auditors. We already have Task QA, a software solution to 2-Stage Audits that can be used by growers to keep digital records and share that evidence with the supply chain.

If you’d like to find out more about how DIY Systems Support can help you to implement Food Safety & Quality Management Systems give Bevan a call on 0439 045 739 or Contact Us