Customised Freshcare and HARPS Implementation Services

Your site is unique and you need a clear plan to meet your compliance needs. Change is always likely.

DIY Systems Support provides customised service delivery to address your certification needs. This is usually a blend of tried and tested tools at our disposal and your established systems approach.

Freshcare and HARPS are complementary by nature when systems are designed to meet both Standards. We don’t see them as ‘additional’ requirements. You and your peers expect that the right produce goes in the crate/box/bag so do your customers. Food safety is a given. It is just a matter of making your processes clear and activities efficient to get this done.

The steps to Freshcare and HARPS implementation:

Contact Us => Agree a Plan => Gap Check => Implementation => Maintenance

  • Reach out to our team on 0439045739 or [email protected]
  • Agree a plan with timing and costs.
  • Usually an internal audit is conducted to gap check your systems against Freshcare and HARPS.
  • Gap checks result in analysis of food safety, food quality, legality, resource allocation (training needs), and continuous improvement.
  • The gap check provides a list of work to be completed by who and by when.
  • Implement the plan. If you need help through implementation we are there for systems support. It is better to build capability in your own human resources than to rely on consulting services so we only provide temporary support when required.
  • Once the gaps are addressed the new QA Manual is implemented. Generally there is minimal change, just tweaks here and there to make sure outcomes of your efforts result in compliance demonstration.
  • DIY Systems Support is available to support you with your next scheduled audit and to attend to any Corrective Actions that you need to attend to that are raised at the audit.
  • Maintain your systems. Usually we are back in touch for an annual review to update to changes to Standards which may be required. Sometimes interpretation of Standards or industry trends in compliance need to be addressed. That’s part of the service.
  • When Standards call for functional separation in responsibilities e.g. internal audits, DIY Systems Support can provide assistance with full or partial internal audits.
  • Reach out to our team on 0439045739 or [email protected]

The following products are available for Free Download.  These tools are available from the Freshcare website.