H2Grow – Same Problem – New Thinking

In short H2Grow is a dynamic hydroponic enterprise that has employed Task QA to implement Freshcare FSQ4.2 + HARPS to meet a Tier II supplier criteria. H2Grow was an existing Freshcare FSQ4.1 certified site that needed help with market access for their growing business and to support supply chain demands. Benny and Chelsea approached DIY Systems Support Pty Ltd who sold Task QA as well as a support package to assist with implementation. Given implementation was over the busy festive season under Covid-19 conditions, 100% of all consultation needed to be conducted remotely. Once DIY Systems Support had purchased the Task QA subscription from Outback QA Pty Ltd the owner of Task QA, appropriate access and permissions were granted as part of the onboarding process, Benny and Chelsea operated Task QA on the Farm and the DIY System

Support team operated Task QA from their office.

DIY Systems Support shared a full suite of Freshcare FSQ4.2 + HARPS documents on a shared ICT (Google Drive) for review and approval. Once Chelsea and Benny made the appropriate adjustments, DIY Systems Support loaded all relevant Management form submissions and Operational form submissions that were approved by the site.

Once loaded the second phase of onboarding was conducted with an extended two (2) hour consultation to finalize the objective evidence on Task QA. This covered off the Management form submission phase.

H2Grow then went about site activities with a tablet to upload other objective evidence that other growers would be familiar with that generally is accumulated to an organized folder. Task QA is no different, it is just in a different interactive media that H2Grow could share instantly with an off-site consultant to assist Freshcare and HARPs implementation prior to audit. This is a paperless QA program.

How did they go – like most audits there were findings and CARs issued. The main difference with this audit outcome was the site was prepared for the CARs because the gaps were previously identified e.g. HACCP training in HARPS. H2Grow and the auditor did not work of paper copies but directly from Task QA. Audit duration is not likely to be shorter or longer. Task QA has a user permission profile for Auditors. This means they can review and collect related evidence off site, then when the site audit is scheduled the time on site is reduced.