GFSI Certification Consultancy

The Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) is a benchmarking standard that the likes of Freshcare, BRC, SQF, GlobalGAP benchmark to to gain approval by supply chains throughout the world.
Importing countries are influenced by GFSI and may demand that your certification be aligned to one of the benchmarked standards. The Harmonised Australian Retail Produce Scheme (HARPS) specifies that approved suppliers must participate in a GFSI program.
Other standards may apply to your business in line with customer expectation. Generally this means additional compliance control is required so that your systems are fit for purpose.
To see more on the GFSI go to MyGFSI

DIY Systems Support provides customised service delivery to address your certification needs. One size does not fit all.

GFSI consultation is a detailed and sustained approach. Many customers realise that this calls for a full review of management commitment to the food safety and quality planning for the organisation. Certification needs analysis generally happens early in consultation.

Risk Management

In risk management context, market access or market failure is aligned with financial risk, personnel risk and other risk register items and would be added to the corporate governance agenda for consideration. Systems redesign is generally warranted and likely to be required for Board approval.

Food safety and quality would then be aligned within Vision, Mission and Values statements. The entity would then establish Goals and Objectives for food safety and quality to be executed by executive management. The nominated GFSI program may be included in this broader objective setting process.

Although it is not common for DIY Systems Support to become imbedded at a corporate management level, there have been circumstances when this is required to support executive staff. A seamless transition for new staff may be required. Consistency is key and systems support in reporting is at times more efficient in the short to medium term.

When GFSI consultation is required outside of a corporate context, the same processes generally apply, they are just abbreviated to fit the client.

The Steps to GFSI Consultation:

  1. Contact Us – Give us a call on 0439 045 739 or Contact Us
  2. Agree a Plan – We will review your situation and outline options
  3. Gap Check
  4. Implementation
  5. Maintenance

Further details about this process is outlined below :

  • Reach out to our team on 0439045739 or [email protected]
  • Agree a plan with timing and costs.
  • Usually an internal audit is conducted to gap check your systems against the relevant GFSI Standards.
  • Gap checks result in analysis of food safety, food quality, legality, resource allocation (training needs), and continuous improvement.
  • The gap check provides a list of work to be completed by who and by when.
  • Implement the plan. If you need help through implementation we are there for systems support. It is better to build capability in your own human resources than to rely on consulting services so we only provide temporary support when required.
  • Once the gaps are addressed the new quality system is implemented.
  • DIY Systems Support is available to support the business with implementation. This may include staff development and various other alignments that are required.
  • Maintain your systems. Usually we are engaged for the first 12 months to be on site and in the business to be accountable alongside your staff at least monthly.
  • Reach out to our team on 0439045739 or [email protected]