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Confidence in Compliance

Expert knowledge in the field of Food Safety and Quality for produce and processing of produce.

Freshcare Training

Freshcare Foods Safety and Quality and Environmental training are delivered as either one on one sessions, or small group training at a location that suits you.

GFSI Consultation

General consultancy to implement new and innovative quality management software solutions to your business. Or, integration of quality management systems tools to an existing system.

Freshcare + HARPS

Implementaion of Freshcare and HARPS
We have a simple one on one training approach with a goal to have you audit ready at the end of training.

Current Partners

A Focus on Service

Industry best practice service to support compliance needs in primary produce and tertiary processing sectors
  • Continuous improvement – PLAN; DO; CHECK; ACT with Task QA modular format

  • Compliance Management – Forms to demonstrate compliance presented in a client customised schedule of verification activities.

  • Quality Control – Check the Checker for resource assignment to task against planned verification.

  • Corrective Action Management – reports deviations from Quality Control and promotes continuous improvement and customer satisfaction.

Powerful Products & Guidelines

Specialists in GFSI and retail supply chain systems

Fresh Produce guidelines

Fresh Produce Guidelines is a support resource to Freshcare FSQ4.1. Correlated to the FSQ4.1 Code as an External Resource.

Freshcare FSQ 4.1 and rules 4.3

Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard Edition 4.1 July 2019 and Freshcare Rules Version 4.3 July 2019

Freshcare Support Documents PDF

Support materials provided by Freshcare Limited to support Freshcare certification

Freshcare FSQ4.1 Transition pack

Freshcare FSQ4.1 is mandatory from 01/01/2020, this pack includes the transition documents provided by Freshcare

What Our Customers Say:

I starting updating it last night, very easy to use

SJW Mushrooms

Task QA is great… so easy to train others to use it for QA monitoring.


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