Task QA is having its 3rd birthday in November 2022. We are celebrating with the release of Simple Forms. Simple Forms sits within Task QA and is a digital day to day record keeping system that is compliant with Freshcare and HARPS.

Simple Forms was introduced to support existing users during the Covid-19 pandemic.  Simple Forms was created as a digital system to keep records that kept people from sharing a potential contamination source (paper).  It worked so well our customers asked for more.  So now we have a broader group of integrated forms in keeping with the Simple Forms philosophy.

Although we are always developing new tools, the original Simple Forms has not changed other than tweaking for compliance.  The HARPS group of forms remains; then we have Equipment Related Forms; Chemical Product Related Forms; Water Source/Treatment Forms; and Other forms.

Our success is our forward thing customers.  Our sincerest thanks to all our valuable Task QA users.

Quote: “Task QA certainly made my life much easier this harvest. It put a better structure in place and is now there for the future. It hopefully can largely be completed remotely in future.” David Blackett from Riversands Wines.

Learn more about Task QA – go to https://diyss.com.au/product/task-qa/