Freshcare have been offering basic Freshcare training to members online for the past few years. The Freshcare Standard has evolved to the current FSQ4.2 version and transition to the new Standard requires significant adjustment in how your QA Manual is presented to ensure an effective audit.


There is a clear 90 Day cycle in certification. Audits are generally scheduled 90 days from your annual certification expiry; this in turn triggers communication from Certification Bodies. Initial certification was most likely scheduled when there was harvest activity. It follows that your compliance activities are likely to follow this timing. Review processes, training updates, product testing, water testing will coincide.


We use online methods generally to bring you up to date. A shared folder on the likes of Google Drive assist us to prioritise compliance tasks. A schedule of work to be done is a good start to meet objectives to achieve certification or to maintain certification. We routinely use form builders when needed. Also Task QA is used to present the Freshcare compliance requirements in an online software solution.

Delivery and application of tools available.

Freshcare Forms are available from the Freshcare online website or here at .

Support materials provided by Freshcare Limited to support Freshcare certification and freely available at

Unique adaptable daily, weekly, monthly and yearly monitoring forms and checklists are available if you find keeping multiple forms on the go at once. This pack means you will have six (6) pieces of paper at the end of each month and one of these packs for each of the 12 months of the year. This is a manual method of maintaining compliance. You will still need to keep other Freshcare forms complete e.g. scope and commitment; plans, organisational chart etc but the bulk of the work required in QA can be completed on a single set of forms for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly tasks.

Task QA is available as a subscription. Task QA includes Simple Forms. Simple Forms includes a set of online forms that are completed to schedule. Most of the compliance needs are available, or you can use a combination of simple forms and other hard copy forms to upload to Management Forms and Operational Forms that you would share with an auditor for 2-Stage Audits or even remote 2nd Party audits.

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